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You should get your new home construction inspected

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Having a home built can be exciting. It is a mistake to believe that a newly constructed home does not need to be inspected by a licensed home inspector. A home being built should be inspected several times during the process. Many areas in Ohio and especially around Columbus Ohio have many homes being rapidly built. Plain City Ohio alone has 299 homes being built at the time of writing this.

Times to get your new home inspected are: Before the drywall is hung up is a very important time to get it inspected. Get the new home inspected just before closing on the new home. It is also important to get the home inspected 11 months into the first year. Have this done to catch things before the one-year warranty on the workmanship expires. Here are some of the reasons why a new construction home needs to be inspected:

1. Catch potential issues early on: Even though a construction project may seem perfect to the untrained eye, there may be potential problems that only an experienced inspector can detect. Getting an inspection done before the drywall is installed will allow the inspector to view the home’s skeleton, detect any issues such as faulty wiring or incomplete installation work. Drywall conceals a lot of things.

2. Ensure the home meets safety standards: Inspections can ensure that the home is built according to industry safety standards. They include checking that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are correctly placed, the use of appropriate materials and in accordance to standards and best practices in your area.

3. Verify the home’s energy efficiency: In new homes, homeowners often encounter difficulties such as higher energy bills because of poor insulation or ventilation. An inspection could identify areas that need improvement before the homeowner moves into the house, providing them with a more energy-efficient space. Habitation Investigation has found attic spaces in which the insulation was forgotten to get installed. 

4. Ensure peace of mind: Not all builders will disclose issues that an inspector can detect while the home is being built. An inspection can provide peace of mind by highlighting potential problems and allowing you to address them before moving in. Home builders can still be “victims” of the subcontractors. Always hire a home inspector double check things. We have observed window flashing totally missing from each window of a home. That is something that would never be seen once the drywall is installed.

In conclusion, even though the home is a new build, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Ensure that you get the home inspected during the construction process, just before closing and at the 11-month mark of the first year. An inspection can identify potential issues, enhance safety measures, and ensure that the home is built to last. It will give you peace of mind knowing that the investment you’re making is secure.

Additionally, it’s important to communicate with your builder and express any concerns or questions you may have during the construction process. With open communication and collaboration, potential issues can be addressed and resolved before they become bigger problems. Take your inspection report and send it to the builder telling them your concerns and what you want to be corrected.

Don’t assume that everything is perfect just because it’s a new build – take the time to get it inspected and ensure that it meets your expectations and requirements. Your home is a significant investment, and it’s crucial to protect it by being proactive and diligent in the inspection and construction process. For more information visit this page regarding new construction home inspections in Ohio

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