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In 2002, Habitation Investigation founded a company that would specialize in property inspections services. They have been protecting homes and neighborhoods ever since with the help of Jim Troth – an expert at home inspections along with being certified by InterNACHI!

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Our Property Inspection Services Include

VOC Testing

What We Do

We are your one-stop shop for all of the reliable home inspection services in Worthington Ohio. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, property investor/buyer, current resident that’s looking into selling- our inspectors will cover all your needs!

What style of property inspections do we offer:

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

If you are looking for a commercial property in the Dayton, Ohio area then we may be able to help. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve bought the commercial property before – let our team know!

Home Inspections

Home Inspection

This report is a must-have for anyone in the real estate business. Any property can be inspected in it’s entirety. Everything will be broken down on this easy to read report, giving you everything from problems with your foundation or code violations!

Commercial Inspections

Pre-listing inspections

We’re here to help you get your house in top shape before an inspection. We’ll make sure everything’s taken care of and ready for sale, so when the inspector comes around- they won’t find any problems!

New Construction Property Inspection Ohio

New construction inspection

You can build a new home with peace of mind thanks to our inspectors. We do pre-drywall, final walkthroughs, and 11 months worth of warranty work!

Maintenance Home Inspection

Maintenance Inspection

This inspection is a must for any real estate transaction. It provides an in-depth look into your property’s condition and makes sure you know what needs to be done before moving in or out of the house!

We Are Nachi Certified And State Licenced

InterNachi is the largest association of commercial and residential inspectors in the world. They are held to a higher standard for their education, training, testing requirements which include 24 credits annually as well as yearly Nachi certification requirment.

Top rated Home Inspections in Ohio
Expert Home Inspections in Ohio
Certified Home Inspections in Ohio
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Why Choose Us?

For over a decade, we’ve offered the best possible inspection service to all of our customers. Our technicians are highly skilled and caring individuals who take pride in ensuring each customer feels like family while providing them with support for any future concerns they may have!

Ensuring Your Home is Healthy

We’ve provided home inspections for more than 10600 homes throughout Ohio over the last 19 years now. This experience has given Habitation Investigation the opportunity to offer our clients one of the best home inspection reports you will find in the Dayton OH area.

Detailed & Thorough Reports

There are not many home inspectors in Worthington who can compare to us. We’re certified, thorough and detail oriented - which means you get a better report than other companies!

We Use State of the Art Technology

We use FLIR cameras, moisture meters, and combustible gas detectors to monitor the environment. We also have VOC testing and mold testing for your peace of mind that our products meet all standards. Our radon monitors send out an instant report on site so you get your results fast.

Certified Home Inspectors

Our team of experienced, qualified home inspectors is committed to providing you with a quality inspection service. We are NACHI-certified and keep up on all certifications so that we can maintain our position as the highest-rated company in Worthington for inspections!

Indoor Environmental Testing

Indoor air quality can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. We work with homeowners, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more to ensure that the environment is safe for you and all those in it!

Services We Offer

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FREE 90 Day Warranty

The Habitation Investigation team gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new home is safe. We guarantee inspections for 90 days, and our reports cover all necessary items so you can make an informed decision on what kind of warranty protection best suits your needs!

What People are Saying

Our Pride And Commitment To Excellence Is Second To None

Based on 1202 reviews
Lynnse P
Lynnse P
Alex is very knowledgeable and invested in his work. Would recommend to anyone.
Thorsten Roberts
Thorsten Roberts
Aaron R. was very professional and experienced in his field. He took the time to go over the inspection at every detail. He helped me understand what needed to be addressed immediately and things that could wait. Glad I hired Habitation Investigation because I was shown things that I would have never thought of or checked . Thanks Aaron. 👍
Carl Stepp
Carl Stepp
Extremely thorough investigation. I am very grateful for the service that you provided. 🙏
Johari Canady
Johari Canady
Chris was great. Very thorough and personable. Took the time to explain difficult things, which shows a thorough knowledge of buildings and building codes.
Cheyenne Webb
Cheyenne Webb
Karl did our home inspection and he was very personable, detailed and assuring with the entire process.
kayleigh townes
kayleigh townes
Great job explaining things in detail. Would definitely recommend this company for home inspection.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith
Excellent service!
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