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Many people carry the belief that because a home is new, it must be flawless. Unfortunately, no new product is free from the possibly of a defect. How often are new cars recalled? Why do skydivers always carry second parachutes, even when using a brand-new parachute as their primary?

Of course, those who work in building construction are only human, and humans are prone to mistakes. This is why it is important to hire a home inspector to inspect the home before you make a commitment. Even when the builder warrants their work for one year, you have to remember that these warranties mean nothing unless the defects are found within this short time frame. A large number of construction errors are not discovered for many years; a faulty wiring issue might not come to your attention until it starts a fire. A nail that barely pierced a water pipe. Other errors may only be discovered by a home inspector when you decide to resell, and the warranty has long expired. New homes can also have mold growth

While you’re unlikely to find a long list of major defects on a new home, every new building will have something that needs fixing. With the high cost of purchasing a new home, it’s a smart move to hire a home inspector to ensure you have all the information about the home before you make a decision. Would you rather discover a defect now, or after you’ve already closed on the deal?

As long as your home’s defects are small and/or easily remedied, there’s no reason to stress yourself out over your new home not being perfect. Your new home like all homes will not be perfect, and that’s okay. Remember that your are perfectly in your right to have the home inspected.

The Habitation Investigation company provides mold testing and home inspections in the Central Ohio Columbus and home inspection in the Dayton Ohio areas, Hilliard, Powell, Pickerington, Pataskala, New Albany, Delaware, Gahanna, Westerville, Galloway, Grove City, Worthington, Dublin, Marysville, London, West Jefferson, Mechanicsburg and other cities surrounding Columbus, Ohio. The most/best reviewed home inspection company in Columbus Ohio is Habitation Investigation LLC. The website is: https://www.homeinspectionsinohio.com

Written by Kaitlyn Troth of Troth Media

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