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What Is Tuckpointing

What Is Tuckpointing?

Have you heard the phrase “tuckpointing,” but aren’t sure what it means? You’re in the right place!

Also sometimes called “brick pointing” and “repointing,” tuckpointing is something commonly used in masonry that entails filling gaps in between mortar and brick on a chimney and walls by matching the mortar’s color to the brick. This technique creates the image of fine joints inside the wall in question, or of cleaner/more skilled brickwork. Usually tuckpointing is utilized purely for visual preference; however the process also improves the functionality of the wall by obstructing the entrance of moisture and other potentially damaging materials.

The basics of tuckpointing is this; remove the damaged loose mortar that is between the bricks, remove the loose pieces and then refill that gap with new mortar. Specially shaped tools are usually used so as to create the desired shape of the mortar joints.

Tuckpointing is also a fantastic maintenance tool for brick buildings with noticeably worn mortar. The process will reinforce a less-than-sturdy building by shielding the area from the outside elements while also giving you a more attractive overall appearance. 

If you think your home would benefit from tuckpointing, don’t hesitate to call up a masonry contractor, or ask your friendly home inspector! 

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