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What Home Buyers Freek Out About #2

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So, this has been a crazy year for the market.
We are hearing how much of a seller’s market it is
right now. Buyers are being told they must put extra
money down to get the house they want. We have
heard of people putting in a hundred thousand over
the asking price… and STILL NOT getting the home.
Do not even think about asking for a home inspection
with some sellers and flippers. They aren’t even
entertaining ours with those contingencies. This is
obviously risky, not only for buyers but also for their
agent’s reputation. So, how do you as realtors protect
your clients from this hyper seller’s market?
You help give them information that will educate them
and that they will be able to use years down the road.
One way to do that is our ‘Going Commando’ series.
We have a four-part series dealing with big-ticket
items in electrical, plumbing, interior and structural.
This series educates your buyers with information
that they can then use on a walkthrough to help
decide if they want to put an offer on a home without
the home inspection contingency.
This video series does not by any means replace the
home inspection. What it does, is give an idea of
potential big-ticket items that would be a red flag to
the purchase. Using this system will not teach all
possible scenarios or potential issues, just a few of the
more expensive and easily identified ones. These tips
will educate your buyers so they can make decisions
for themselves. This helps you as an agent so that you
do not get caught in the middle and maybe end up in a
lawsuit down the road because of the craziness.

We at Habitation Investigation understand that these are
crazy times. So, the purchase price of this series is $50.
After your client has purchased the house, contact us
immediately to do the inspections. We will credit the
purchase price and reduce the inspection fee by $50. Then,
clients will get our free short-term warranties as they do
with all our home inspections and they will have their
maintenance list to work on.
This is a solution to a crazy market to help your clients if
they are waiving inspections. Educating our clients and
empowering them with information to make informed
decisions will go a long way to protecting everyone
involved in real estate transactions in this market.
Find this series by going to our website at
homeinspectionsinohio.com and then go to the buyer and
seller resources tab. This series is the first link. You can
also go directly to


out-the-home-inspection-2/. Remember, going commando
doesn’t have to be irritating. We are here to help.
If you or your clients have any questions, feel free to
contact us at 614.413.0075. We will be happy to help

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