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What Are Whole House Fans and How Do They Work

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Whole house fans are a popular choice for keeping your home cool during the warmer months without overspending on your monthly utilities bill. They are great when the nights are cool. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

To put it simply, a whole house fan is a ventilation system used to cool a building while using less energy than a typical air conditioner. It works by pulling in cooler air from the outside into the inside of the building while directing the interior air into the attic space (where it will exit that space through the roof vents). Because of this, whole house fans are most effective at night, in the evening, or during early morning. Some whole house fans are capable of completely replacing all air inside the home every 3-4 minutes. As the air in the home is exchanged for cooler air it cools all interior wall and items in the home in a process known as thermal mass cooling.  When not in use there are louvers which close helping to reduce air loss.

Before you turn on a whole house fan be certain to open the windows in your home. the hot air is pulled out and vented outside through the attic. The cooler air from the outside then comes in to replace it. Once the air and mass in the home is cooled thoroughly it is time to turn off the fan and then close all the windows. This process actually keeps your home cooler the following day, as it’s been sealed off from the hot exterior air all day and the thermal mass in the home is lower than the temperature outside.

Whole house fans are simply the most economical, eco-friendly, efficient method for cooling your home. Now that summer has hit, there’s no better time to look into getting yourself a whole house fan! Keep in mind that it does not remove humidity from the air, so be certain that you have maintained proper control of the exterior moisture.

Whole house fans can also be used to maintain good indoor air quality due to the replacement of the indoor air with hopefully clean exterior air.

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