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Home inspectors are a dime-a-dozen in the Westerville Ohio area, but who do you trust? Habitation Investigation has been protecting homes and neighborhoods since 2002. Lead inspector Jim Troth also happens to be one of our founders—he’s an expert at property inspections services along with being certified by InterNACHI as well!

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Our Property Inspection Services Include

VOC Testing

What We Do

When it comes to home inspections, we’re your one-stop shop. Whether you are a prospective buyer or seller looking for an easy way into what make’s this property special and different from others in the area; if there is any doubt about whether something needs to be fixed before moving forward with buying – our certified inspectors will help take care of those worries!

What style of property inspections do we offer:

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Buying a commercial property is one of the most important decisions you will make. Let our experienced team help determine if this location near Westerville Ohio suits your needs and budget!

Home Inspections

Home Inspection

This inspection is used for real estate transactions. It’s broken down on a report in an easy-to read format that you’ll be able to understand!

Commercial Inspections

Pre-listing inspections

We’re here to make sure you have a pristine house before the inspection. We’ll take care of everything and get it ready for sale in case there are any problems with anything, so when they come by-they won’t find anything!

New Construction Property Inspection Ohio

New construction inspection

When building a new home, it’s important to have experienced inspectors who can inspect all three phases of your house before moving in. Our team will pre-drywall and do final walkthroughs as well 11 months worth water damage warranty work!

Maintenance Home Inspection

Maintenance Inspection

The real estate inspection is the one used for transactions. It provides detailed information on your property’s condition and makes sure that there are no surprises when it comes time to move in or out of a house!

We Are Nachi Certified And State Licenced

InterNachi is the largest association of commercial and residential inspectors in the world. They require 24 educational credits a year to be able to maintain certification through Nachi, as well as yearly testing that ensures your knowledge stays up-to date with industry standards!

Top rated Home Inspections in Ohio
Expert Home Inspections in Ohio
Certified Home Inspections in Ohio
The Home Inspections in Ohio Team

Why Choose Us?

In the last decade, we have been providing a high-quality service to everyone. We care about our customers like family and make sure they know how much their business means in this tough economic time!

Ensuring Your Home is Healthy

We’ve provided home inspections for more than 10600 homes throughout Ohio over the last 19 years now. This experience has given Habitation Investigation the opportunity to offer our clients one of the best home inspection reports you will find in the Dayton OH area.

Detailed & Thorough Reports

We’re certified home inspectors, but unlike other inspection companies that just check off boxes or provide half-done reports; we take pride in producing thorough inspections with a report you can understand!

We Use State of the Art Technology

Our expert technicians use the latest in FLIR cameras, moisture meters, VOC testing, and combustible gas detectors to assess your home for any potential problems.

Certified Home Inspectors

Our inspectors all have a certification from NACHI and they go through extensive training so that your home inspection will always come with top-notch service at an affordable price!

Indoor Environmental Testing

Indoor air quality can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. We work with homeowners, schools, restaurants to ensure that the environment inside of it is safe for you and those around you.

Services We Offer

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FREE 90 Day Warranty

At Habitation Investigation, we stand behind our work and offer an unconditional guarantee on inspections for 90 days after they have been completed; this way you can get the help you need before making such an important choice!

What People are Saying

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Lynnse P
Lynnse P
Alex is very knowledgeable and invested in his work. Would recommend to anyone.
Thorsten Roberts
Thorsten Roberts
Aaron R. was very professional and experienced in his field. He took the time to go over the inspection at every detail. He helped me understand what needed to be addressed immediately and things that could wait. Glad I hired Habitation Investigation because I was shown things that I would have never thought of or checked . Thanks Aaron. 👍
Carl Stepp
Carl Stepp
Extremely thorough investigation. I am very grateful for the service that you provided. 🙏
Johari Canady
Johari Canady
Chris was great. Very thorough and personable. Took the time to explain difficult things, which shows a thorough knowledge of buildings and building codes.
Cheyenne Webb
Cheyenne Webb
Karl did our home inspection and he was very personable, detailed and assuring with the entire process.
kayleigh townes
kayleigh townes
Great job explaining things in detail. Would definitely recommend this company for home inspection.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith
Excellent service!
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