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Commercial home inspections are similar to the typical residential inspections most people are familiar with. Commercial home inspections for multi family units simply exist on a larger scale, accompanied with a significant amount more of associated liability. But what exactly falls under the category of commercial inspection? Are there different types of commercial home inspections? What are common Ohio Commercial Building Inspection. These inspections are also called Commercial Property Assessments.

There is a lot of variety in commercial inspections. Apartment buildings, retail stores, warehouses/factories, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail stores, and many more are all considered to be commercial buildings. As commercial inspections are generally conducted on a significantly larger amount of space, they will usually involve a wide range of subcontractors focused on a particular area of the building. Such as having an HVAC person focus on the heating and cooling systems while an electrician is focused on the 3-phase electrical panels. This helps to speed along the process, and to help limit the possibility of mistakes. The end goal of a commercial building inspection is to provide the client with all of the information they need to enter into transaction negotiations with as much leverage and knowledge on their side as possible.

Despite the wide variety that is found in commercial inspections, there are three fairly common categories of commercial home inspections.

Pre/post-lease inspections are one of those types, and both building owners and tenants can take advantage of this one! Often, long-term lease holders are responsible for taking on unavoidable building maintenance. A thorough building inspection will help to ensure tenants that they have adequately met those terms. These inspections are also found useful by landlords when working to prepare a property for new tenants.

Another common type of commercial inspection is the investigative/troubleshooting inspection. Sometimes, a building will pose a very real challenge to property owners. For example, a roof leak can be a difficult issue to address, even more so when the leak is only active occasionally. An inspector qualified in commercial inspections can help to diagnose a particularly complex issue, and also offer up a valid solution to the owner to fix the problem and get the most out of their commercial property.

Lastly, pre-purchase inspections are another commonly seen commercial inspection. There is a lot that goes into a useful commercial property, from the square footage of the property to the condition of any existing pieces of equipment. Since purchasing a property is such an incredibly large investment, a buyer often wants to be reassured that a building meets all of their needs before they make a binding agreement. In this area, a commercial building inspection can help a potential buyer determine whether or not a property is worth it.

Of course, this is not an extensive list; but these are the most common uses you will find for commercial inspections! You can also visit Columbus Commercial Inspection and find the link to read regarding the various types of commercial inspections.

Written by Kaitlyn Troth of Troth Media

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