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Every person involved in business will have some difficult times. When your business involves protecting others from making mistakes it is a terrible thing when professionalism and ethics goes astray in order to get a sale despite what may not be in the best interest of the client.

We do home inspections all throughout Central Ohio and we are the best and most reviewed home inspection company in Ohio. I want to definitely state that most real estate agents are great people and a have the buyers best interest in mind.  However that is not always the case with every agent  nor is it the case  with everybody any type of business.  There is always that small percentage of perhaps 3 to 5% of people that are unethical no matter what industry they are in.

 We recently had an agent from Springfield Ohio complain to us and tell us how they do not like our company because we scare buyers. This agent also told us a name of a home inspection company who they much prefer and how this company does not talk about certain items and issues or put such concerns in the report. The agent told us we should be more like that company.

We went online and looked at the reputation of that home inspection company they were talking about and that company had a 1.2 on Google rating with six total reviews. One of those reviewers called the company pure fraud and said to be aware of any realtor who tries to use him “any realtor who steers you toward him is doing it simply to get the deal done at does not have your best interest in mind.”  This definitely gives evidence to our first thought that the agent was unethical. One bad review does not mean a company is horrible however it was repeated several more times it is a definite pattern to be concerned about.

This is really frightening for any home buyer to realize that some real estate agents in the Springfield, Ohio area do not care about them and is recommending bad companies so as to get a deal made.

If I was a real estate buyer anywhere in central Ohio especially Springfield I would definitely recommend looking at the reviews online to determine which company you will use.

Most real estate agents that we run into are good people and want the best for the client however the bad ones definitely are out there, so read the reviews.

Unfortunately it seems like real estate agents, or at least the bad ones, are selecting bad home inspection companies for their buyers and then playing totally innocent when issues come out after the buyer moves into the house.

I am left wondering if the real estate agent’s broker would like to hear how unethical they are behaving or would the complaint fall on deaf ears?

Central Ohio home inspectors Habitation Investigation

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