When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Baseboards?

When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Baseboards?

We perform wood-destroying insect inspections in Columbus, Dayton, Marysville, OH and beyond

Damage from wood-destroying insects can be hard to spot. To make sure your house is insect-free, you need to call a professional. Habitation Investigation LLC provides thorough insect inspections in Columbus, Dayton, Marysville, OH and beyond. We can find out if your walls are harboring dangerous insects with ease.

Schedule an appointment today to get started on your termite inspection. We can come to your house in Columbus, OH at a time that's convenient for you.

3 signs your home might have wood-destroying insects

If you think you might have termites or other critters hiding inside your house, look out for these signs:

1.Your baseboards have small grooves or tunnels through them.
2.Your wooden doors and windows are now unusually hard to open.
3.Your window sills have tiny dead insects on them.

Still not sure whether you have wood-destroying insects in your house? Call Habitation Investigation today. We'll perform a full inspection and let you know for sure.