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Are Home Inspectors Deal Killers or Nightmare Preventers?

  There is a common misconception that home inspectors are “deal killers,” who damage a real estate agent’s chances of closing a deal. We’re going to discuss how that can be harmful, and we’re going to discuss what...

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How Habitation Investigation Protects You From a Bad Sewer Line

As central Ohio’s most highly rated home inspection company, Habitation Investigation’s commitment to serving their clients is clear. Habitation Investigation offers their clients a number of valuable warranties and additional benefits to keep...

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What Are Whole House Fans, And How Do They Work?

Whole house fans are a popular choice for keeping your home cool during the warmer months without overspending on your monthly utilities bill. They are great when the nights are cool. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?   To put...

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