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Oftentimes with home maintenance problems, it doesn’t hurt to put them on the backburner until you have the time, money, or proper motivation to get it done. This is not the case with your home’s sewer. A sewer issue could damage the foundation or back up into your home, and all these can be costly repairs! That’s why it’s important that any sewer woes get taken care of as soon as possible. But how do you know if you should have your sewer scoped?

Of course, there is no way to really know what’s going on down there without getting the line scoped. I always recommend getting your sewer scoped when purchasing a new home, so as to give you peace of mind and to avoid any nasty surprises shortly after closing. This goes for purchasing a brand new build as well, because sometimes the debris from construction and the use of heavy equipment can damage the sewer line. Don’t assume you’re off the hook because your home is brand new! 

Older pipes such as cast iron and clay tile are an indication that the line may have damage simply due to age and the natural wear-and-tear that comes with it. It is often recommended that a sewer line get scoped if the home is over 20 years old.

A recently replaced or damaged access cap on the sewer line is also a sign that for some reason or another, someone was checking out the inside of the line. The only way for you to find out for sure why or if it’s something to worry about is by getting the line inspected yourself! 

If you aren’t looking to buy a new home but are concerned about your current home’s sewer line, there are a couple things you can look for as indications that a sewer scope inspection is a good idea. Leaks around your home’s foundation or discoloration in your yard is one of them; if you notice discolored spots around the outside of your home or your lawn is suddenly turning yellow, there is a chance it is due to a blockage or break in your line that is leaking sewage! A huge red flag that you likely have a sewer problem is if you notice your drains emptying slowly, backing up, or your toilets making gurgling sounds.

Sometimes a sewer problem is unavoidable; the best thing you can do is to take what precautions you can to protect yourself. Always get the sewer line scoped before you close on a new-to-you home, and pay attention to any changes in your home’s environment/functions so that you quickly notice any of these red flags to a sewer issue. The faster a sewer problem is caught and fixed, the better! 

The Habitation Investigation home inspection company provides home inspections, mold testing, radon testing, and other environmental testing in the Central Ohio areas such as Columbus Ohio, Springfield, Hilliard, Powell, Pickerington, Pataskala, New Albany, Delaware, Gahanna, Westerville, Galloway, Grove City, Worthington, Dublin, Marysville, London, West Jefferson, Mechanicsburg. Dayton Ohio home inspection areas include Beavercreek, Enon, Centerville, Northern areas of Cincinnati.

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