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Should the home buyer be at the home during the home inspection? Is the home buyer required to be at the home during the home inspection? Two great and related questions regarding the home buying process.

In reverse order of the questions, No the home buyer is not required to be at the home during the home inspection. With the modern technology available there is no need to arrive at the home so as to sign the inspection agreement and to pay the inspector. Those things can be done online easily. After the inspection, the report can be emailed out to the home buyer and any agent as well. So with these abilities, there is not a requirement for the home buyer to be at the home inspection.

Should the home buyer be present during the home inspection? Yes, at least for a little bit. The 2-3 hours (typically) length of time for the inspection is usually the longest amount of time a buyer has available to be in a home until they actually move in. They should use the time to measure and figure out how to arrange their stuff to fit the new space.

This is also a great time to ask the inspector questions about the home and to learn where important things are located, such as the main water shut off and where the air filter for the furnace is located.

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