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Time for some brief pool education…We inspected an in-ground pool recently and noted that the pool was not level. An agent claiming to be a top agent for many many years tells us that she never heard of pool companies being certain the pools are level. I of course double checked with a local pool company and absolutely you want the pool to be level. You want the pool to be level for a couple of reasons.

First if it is an above ground pool then the main reason for having a level pool is safety. When the pool is not level then the pressure against the sides by the water is not uniform and will cause the side to bow out. Eventually the side will “pop” and all the water and anyone in the pool will be dumped out and rapidly flowing on the ground and potentially getting injured.

With an in-ground pool, one of the concerns is the water level will not be correct for all the skimmers. The skimmers are those openings on the side of the pool that catches any debris floating on the surface of the water and collect it in a basket. Debris can be hair, leaves, bugs, ponytail holders, etc. The skimmers help keep the pool clean and help protect the pool pump from being damaged by debris. If water levels are not correct for the skimmers then there could be more maintenance issues with the pool

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