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A sewer scope is a tool that can save you a lot of money. A sewer scope is a camera that is used to enter the sewer line to view the otherwise not visible conditions. This is an excellent way to view your sewer system and spot sewer line problems that are not typically seen. During a home, purchase is the most common time for a person to hire a company to do a sewer scope. With that information, the home buyer can then ask the seller to take care of sewer line issues if present.

The team at Habitation Investigation LLC offers sewer scope inspection in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas for any home or a home you’re planning to purchase. Finding problems with the sewer system before you buy a home can save you thousands of dollars.

Schedule a sewer scope inspection for your prospective home in Columbus, Dayton, or Marysville, OH, as soon as possible.

Having Habitation Investigation do the home inspection, and the sewer scope inspection is a great way to protect your investment. Also, by having Habitation Investigation do the home inspection and the sewer scope will give you a year warranty on the sewer line between your home and the public sewer or to your septic tank.

Radon is a significant problem for homes in Ohio because of the climate and soil. Homes are also built in a way that encourages radon to seep through basement cracks and sump pumps.


For radon testing in Columbus, Dayton, and Marysville, OH areas, turn to Habitation Investigation LLC. We will check to see if your home has over 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of radon. If so, we’ll refer you to a radon mitigation company. Call today to schedule your radon inspection.


Your sewer scope inspection will look at the sewer line between your home and the public sewer or to your septic tank. Common sewer line finds are:

These are just a few of things your inspection may find. Don’t trust what you can’t see. Choose the company that can add a sewer scope in Columbus, OH, and all of central Ohio.

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