Repair Estimator

Agents Save Your Valuable Time

If you are a real estate agent then you know that you can spend lots of your valuable time getting repair estimates to help your buyer. You could then use that estimate as a negotiation tool for clients during the option period to get necessary repairs performed by the seller, or even reduce the sales price.

The repair estimates are done for those items on the summary report. Summary reports focus on those items that are considered more important to the overall view of the home and does not focus on the normal maintenance and minor concerns found at every home and is expected to be normal for home owners to take care of themselves .

The estimates have been found to be 98% accurate when it comes to true repair cost if hiring someone to do the repairs.

Once the inspection report is sent to the pricing experts the estimates are completed and sent back to you in approximately 24 hours. So no long waiting for the reports plus, you as an agent can save yourself lots of your time, time that you can use to continue to grow your business or to spend more of your precious time with your kids and family.

The only people who ever see the inspection report after uploading it are the Pricing Experts. They NEVER share your inspection report with anyone, and they also wipe any digital copies of your report from the servers after they have given you the pricing report.

If you are a real estate agent looking to avoid the time and hassle of getting repair estimates then we recommend that you encourage your buyers to add the repair pricer. If your client did not select repair pricer then you can still use the service to get estimates, however you will need to pay the fee for it.

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