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Homebuyers, Help Protect Yourself When Going Commando (buying without the home inspection)


It can be tough to be a home buyer at times, especially when the market creates pressures to waive your right to a home inspection in order to improve your chances of having your offer on a home accepted. Waiving the home inspection is risky. Use these tips to help educate yourself regarding some situations that can be costly.

These tips are not meant to replace having a home inspection and other services performed. These tips are meant to improve your knowledge in the event that you may make an offer on a home without the home inspection contingencies. There is no possible way for anyone to be shown all the issues that can be present in a home nor every situation that exists.

Always have real estate inspected and use only those reports created specifically for you. Using reports intended for others does not provide any warranties or protections offered by Habitation Investigation.

If you purchased this class and you live in the Columbus or Dayton Ohio areas, the amount you paid for this course will be credited towards a whole home inspection performed by Habitation Investigation if conducted within 90 days of course purchase.

When Habitation Investigation does a home inspection for a home buyer or a homeowner free warranties add protection. If you bought a home commando (without a home inspection) have us do a home inspection as soon as you take possession to have the warranties started and to gain the ability to purchase an 18 month home warranty for only the fee of 12 months.

After you purchase, check your email and create an account to watch the course!

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