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You can rest easy knowing that Habitation Investigation is here for you. With a guarantee of inspections and reports within 90 days, our team has your back with the work we do on each property in order to provide thorough coverage needed so buyers are informed before making decisions about their future homes or properties they wish see first-hand during an inspection.

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Our Property Inspection Services Include

VOC Testing

The Most Thorough Home Inspectors in Powell, Ohio

We are your source for reliable home inspection services in the Powell, Ohio area. Whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate property–whether commercial or residential- our team will be there with an evaluation on any aspect that may concern you!

What style of property inspections do we offer:

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

With so many commercial properties to choose from near Powell, do you know what makes them different? It’s important that your investment pays off. We can help determine if this one is worth the time and money!

Home Inspections

Home Inspection

The inspection report for real estate transactions is clear and easy to follow, making it the perfect choice for any homebuyer.

Commercial Inspections

Pre-listing inspections

You won’t want to worry about a thing while the inspector is here. We’ll make sure everything’s taken care of and ready for sale, so when they swing by-you don’t have anything to worry about.

New Construction Property Inspection Ohio

New construction inspection

With so many new homes being built, we want to ensure that everyone is inspected and certified by a professional. Our inspectors can do everything from pre-drywall inspection all the way through final walkthroughs with you! We offer 11 months’ worth of warranty work if needed.

Maintenance Home Inspection

Maintenance Inspection

This inspection provides detailed information about your house and makes sure that before moving in or out, homeowners know what needs to be fixed!

We Are Nachi Certified And State Licenced

InterNachi is the largest association in the world of commercial and residential inspectors, with extensive education to maintain certification. They require 24 educational credits per year as well as annual testing from Nachi.

Top rated Home Inspections in Ohio
Expert Home Inspections in Ohio
Certified Home Inspections in Ohio
The Home Inspections in Ohio Team

Why Choose Us?

When you need the best possible inspection service, come to us. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure that each of your family is treated like their own and provided with support for future questions should anything arise!

Ensuring Your Home is Healthy

We’ve provided more than 10,600 inspections for Ohio homeowners over the last 19 years now. This experience has given Habitation Investigation an opportunity to offer their clients one of the best home inspection reports you will find in Powell OH area.

Detailed & Thorough Reports

We’re proud to be the most thorough and complete home inspection service in Powell, Ohio. We don't just check off boxes or deliver half-done reports - we produce high quality work that will leave you satisfied.

We Use State of the Art Technology

We use FLIR cameras, moisture meters and combustible gas detectors to ensure the safety of your property. Our radon monitor sends out an expert report as soon as testing is complete.

Certified Home Inspectors

All of our experts are NACHI certified, and we do all the testing. So you can be sure that when it comes time for your next inspection in Powell - there will be nothing but top notch work from one of their team members!

Indoor Environmental Testing

Indoor air quality can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. We work with homeowners, schools, restaurants to ensure that the environment is safe for you or those around you who are sensitive to certain smells/elements in their surroundings.

Services and Inspections We Offer Powell, Ohio

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FREE 90 Day Warranty

At Habitation Investigation, we assure you that our inspections and reports will be of the utmost care. With a guarantee for 90 days after completion, it’s time to take action on your investment or move forward in confidence with purchase plans!

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Lynnse P
Lynnse P
Alex is very knowledgeable and invested in his work. Would recommend to anyone.
Thorsten Roberts
Thorsten Roberts
Aaron R. was very professional and experienced in his field. He took the time to go over the inspection at every detail. He helped me understand what needed to be addressed immediately and things that could wait. Glad I hired Habitation Investigation because I was shown things that I would have never thought of or checked . Thanks Aaron. 👍
Carl Stepp
Carl Stepp
Extremely thorough investigation. I am very grateful for the service that you provided. 🙏
Johari Canady
Johari Canady
Chris was great. Very thorough and personable. Took the time to explain difficult things, which shows a thorough knowledge of buildings and building codes.
Cheyenne Webb
Cheyenne Webb
Karl did our home inspection and he was very personable, detailed and assuring with the entire process.
kayleigh townes
kayleigh townes
Great job explaining things in detail. Would definitely recommend this company for home inspection.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith
Excellent service!
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