Need a Home Inspection in Columbus Ohio?

Need a Home Inspection in Columbus Ohio?

Why call Habitation Investigation for your Ohio home inspection?

Whole house inspections are never scheduled immediately back to back. This prevents having to hurry through your home inspection so as to make it to the next inspection on time. If inspection of a home takes longer than usual so be it. The amount of attention given to you future home/investment will not be reduced. Our home inspectors are well trained and are focused on serving the clients. When you hire Habitation Investigation for your Ohio home inspection needs you can be certain to have full attention on your property. Call soon to claim your day! Inspections are scheduled first come first served basis.

Home Inspections are based on the Nachi standard of Practice found here: InterNachi SOP
International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties for commercial inspections

Get your home inspection, gas line and wood destroying insect inspection scheduled with one call! Habitation Investigation can do both these inspections also. Termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles.

***200% Guarantee*** Up until 72 hours (three days) after getting the home inspection report is published to you, if you feel you did not receive a quality home inspection performed then you will own nothing/get a refund, we will cancel the report and agreement, plus I will pay (up to my inspection fee) directly to another inspector to inspect the same property. Extra services such as WDI/Termite inspection, gas line, mold lab fees, etc are not included in this. Not intended for multi-unit properties or investors.

Call 937-205-4758 or 614-413-0075 to schedule.

· Computer generated and internet accessible home inspection report. Legible and easily reviewed with the agent that is representing you.

· High quality home inspection reports that are easy to read and understand.

· The report contains digital images of the property and conditions. This makes it easier to see what the issue/condition that was observed during the home inspection.

· Summary page included with every report. Quick to read.

· The home inspection report will increase your knowledge and help you make an informed purchasing decision.

· Home Inspections are available to be performed on weekdays and on the weekends. We have scheduling to fit the home buyers needs. We do not have extra charges for weekend home inspections or condo inspections.

· Home Inspections can be performed even during major sporting events.

· You will receive free ongoing information that will provide tips and information on taking care of your home and improving your homelife.

· Members of the Columbus Board of Realtors. This provides access to the supra key which gains access to properties without the need to have an agent let us in. Increased scheduling flexibility. Agents schedule does not matter.

Why Columbus Ohio is a cool place to live.