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New Construction Inspections services in Ohio

For new construction inspection in Ohio, we conduct a comprehensive examination before the drywall installation phase. This particular new construction foundation inspection allows us to evaluate the structural framework of the home and the precise positioning and safeguarding of plumbing and electrical systems. It is important to note that this inspection goes beyond a routine code inspection. 

We will conduct a thorough new construction home inspection, inside and out. We can inspect every inch of your home for any hazards or contaminants. We can test for radon and mold, and also check your plumbing, electrical system, building integrity, insulation, drywall, and more. As professional inspectors, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a thorough and professional, non-intrusive, visual home inspection for new construction, from roof to foundation. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, we got you covered. 

Outside the home, we check the exterior walls, roof, foundation, driveway, deck, etc. Then, we move inside to examine the walls, insulation, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. The heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems will all be examined to ensure that they function as intended. Bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry rooms receive a thorough check, along with the attic and basement or crawl space. 


Many homeowners grapple with a question: “Should I get a home inspection on a new build?” Definitely, yes. This is a regular home inspection and is used to provide you with evidence of repairs and/or corrections that need to be made before the one-year warranty runs out on your newly constructed home. The inspection is conducted 11 months into your first year in your new home. Then you have the report to take to the builder that lists all repairs. This is not a code inspection.

When we do the one-year warranty inspection you are also provided with:

  • Roof – It means you are covered for twenty-four months against missed roof defects that our inspectors should have been able to see and noted in the report. In the unlikely event that a minor repair is needed for something that should have been discovered within the scope of a home inspection, we will pay to get it corrected — see limits below. Giving you comfort and security that your home is protected.

  • Home Buyer Protection Plan – If the home purchase falls through for any reason, you’ll receive a discount off the next inspection we do for you within 60 days of the previous home inspection. Not available to investors or on foreclosure homes.

  • Agents – Recommending Habitation Investigation is an indicator of being an aboveboard agent who cares for the home buyers and investors, increasing the chances of your getting future referrals from clients! Giving you an increase in your business over the years.

  • Termite and Carpenter Ant Guarantee – If we did a wood destroying insect inspection and termite nor carpenter ants were observed that needed treatment. We will pay for spot treatment of the affected area if they are discovered in the structure within 6 months.   

  • Sewer Collapse Guarantee – If we do a sewer scope of your waste line from the clean out to the city or septic you will have a one-year-warranty to help you in the event that sewer line suffers from a collapse. If the line collapses, we will reimburse up to $2000 for repairs. Also, through Advantage Home Warranty, there is coverage for the beginning of your owning your home on your water line and on the sewer line. See Warranty flyer

  • Radon Remedy – If we do an initial radon test and the result is less than 4.0 pCi/L and we do a follow up test within 120 days of the initial test and the follow up test result is 4.0 pCi/L or higher, we will then give $500 reimbursement for your radon mitigation system that was professionally installed.

  • Limits – The 24-month Roof Guarantee Against Leaks covers leak repairs for up to a maximum of $500 in aggregate. Any payments for repairs made under the guarantee cannot be combined with the 90-Day Guarantee. If the inspection report called for further evaluation of the roof by a licensed roof contractor, and no licensed roof contractor evaluated the roof prior to the end of your contingency period, the roof guarantee is void. Valid only when the roof inspection was part of the whole home inspection.

  • Deductible: NONE –This guarantee covers leaks only. Defects that were reported or in an aerial or pole camera roof inspection report are excluded. If the report identifies the roof as worn, beyond its life expectancy, or in need of replacement, this guarantee is void and no repair coverage will be provided. 
    The client must notify us via email prior to making any repairs. If repairs are made without notifying us first, the guarantee is void. We will not reimburse for repairs performed without prior approval. We reserve the right to verify that the item was observable, should have been included in the inspection report, was within the scope of the home inspection, and we have an opportunity to have a contractor of our choice perform the repair.

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