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Manufactured Home Certification In Ohio

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Manufactured Home Certification

Manufactured Home Certification services in Ohio

Understanding the importance of a certified manufactured home is crucial. Getting a Manufactured Home Certification offers more than just a stamp of approval; it’s about ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind. For homeowners, it’s a reassurance that their investment is sound and secure. For lenders and insurers, it’s a guarantee of the property’s integrity and compliance with necessary standards.

How Our Certifications Are Performed

On-Site Visit: Trained inspectors visit the home to take photos and measurements. 

Detailed Report: The collected data is compiled into a computer-generated report.

Engineer Review: A qualified engineer assesses the report and decides on the certification.

Certification: After all repairs are done, the home is officially certified.

Follow Up: The company remains available to assist clients with any questions.

When are Manufactured Homes Certifications Required?

Regulatory Compliance: To ensure the home meets building codes and safety standards set by authorities.

Financing and Insurance: Required by lenders and insurers to reduce risk by proving the home meets certain standards.

Resale or Transfer: Necessary when selling or transferring ownership to show compliance with building codes.

Placement or Installation: Required before placing or installing the home in a specific location or community.

Compliance with HUD Standards: In the U.S., homes must meet the Department of Housing and Urban Development standards.

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