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I will admit, it is possible that I am slightly biased towards my own company. However when I have evidence to prove some things well then we believe it to be true.

Like all industries there are a few unethical people. The unethical ones are very dangerous when it comes to real estate, due to the potential damage that can be done to private individuals. As a home inspection company that has been around for many years we have seen a lot. In our years of business we have become the best and most reviewed home inspection company in Ohio with currently over 2400 online reviews and a 4.9 rating on Google. Most of these reviews gathered by a third party such as Listen360 or Blipp reviews. We know ethics (my minor from OSU), Below are some examples of real estate ethics and some tips.

We had a London Ohio real estate agent complained to us through online/email that we should not to use the word mold. Here is what she wrote:

TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Stick to simple findings and just say: Have a qualified (electrician, plumber, contractor etc) inspect and repair or replace. Stop scaring them to death with what could happen in the future etc. I’m not the only agent that feels this way. I would be happy to meet and talk to the owner of this company and even have other agents there. I would love to work with you but this is #3 walk away. This was a great house and easily fixed. The contractors I talked with even said there were comments that were incorrect. Stop using the word MOLD. It is a visible substance that needs to be looked at by a professional. Home Inspectors are not experts …”

She had a strange idea of what a great house is and easy fixes. This house had issues…..

She has yet to reply to may asking for specifics things we got wrong (likely because we got things right)

If she had 3 walkaways then she is not doing things properly for the home buyers.

On this specific transaction the potential buyer of the home loved us and gave us a 10 out of 10. While the agent complained that we give too much information.    Here is what the client stated when we asked her about the inspection and the agents complaint to us.

“We were totally satisfied with the inspection.  David, the inspector did an excellent job and the amount of information was appropriate.  He wrote something like organic material/mold and indicated (both in the report and verbally while we attended most of the inspection) it should be further looked at to determine what it is.  The realtor was upset because she did not make the sale and her commission.  Thanks for a thorough inspection, which is what we expected.”

This agent some others do not want the best for the home buyers. They want a sale and then disappear. If problems pop up then they will blame it on the home inspector and hide. These agents do not think farther than the nest pay period and think nothing of harming people.

If want the name of a good ethical real estate agent for the London Ohio and Mechanicsburg, Ohio areas contact us. We will be glad to give you a name of a great agent. If you ever have an agent in those areas that pretends they have never heard of us or that do not recommend us, then you have found yourself a bad agent. With all of our reviews and warranties we are the safest bet for anybody buying a home. Do not let a bad London Ohio agent go wild on you.

Ethical agents love us because we protect buyers and the agents because of our accurate and thorough inspections. Ethical agents know that if the first house does not work then there will be another opportunity soon. Ethical agents are also smart enough to know that protecting the buyer results in future referrals from happy well protected home buyers.

Regarding that specific home buyer from above. She later contacted us to help her find a different real estate agent to work with. She desired a more ethical agent.

The Habitation Investigation company provides home inspections in the Central Ohio Columbus and home inspection in the Dayton Ohio areas, Hilliard, Powell, Pickerington, Pataskala, New Albany, Delaware, Gahanna, Westerville, Galloway, Grove City, Worthington, Dublin, Marysville, London, West Jefferson, Springfield, Mechanicsburg and other cities surrounding Columbus, Ohio. The most/best reviewed home inspection company in Columbus Ohio is Habitation Investigation LLC. The website is: https://www.homeinspectionsinohio.com Habitation Investigation can also do pool inspections as part of the home inspection

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