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Habitation Investigation has been in business since 2002. Started by Jim and Laura Troth, the company has grown over the years. They have seven home inspectors now and are looking for others to add to their growing family. 

We believe in values like honesty and integrity. We stand behind our services. More importantly, we inspect for each of our clients as if they are family. We have clients that keep in touch with us years down the road to ask for advice or a name of a contractor because we believe in building relationships and keeping them.

Top Agents Know

Top real estate agents know that the growth of their business means taking great care of the buyer so that buyers are happy and willing to give more referrrals over time to them. Earning those referrals means protecting the home buyer and serving them well, even after the purchase. Habitation Investigation helps this by providing free warranties that protect the new owner after the purchase such as a sewer line warranty and the five year roof leak warranty.

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Buyers know when the agent really cares about them

Home buyers often know when an agent cares more about the sale and commission than the well being of the buyer. Such as when the agent recommends a home inspection company that does not offer extra protections or when the inspection company they recommend has terrible or few reviews online. This makes agents look bad.


Good agents build their referral base by protecting and helping buyers. Habitation Investigation does that very well. With $100,000 in free warranty protection and our home buyer protection plan.

We help agents get more sales

We help agents get more sales We do this with our home buyer protection plan. With this if the deal falls through for any reason (inspection findings, appraisal, etc) We give the buyer a nice discount ($50 -$100) off the next home inspection done within 60 days. This encourages the buyer to find and get into contract on a new place quickly, getting the agent a sale with that client and the buyer gets to save money and still be well protected. This makes for happy clients who then give more referrals making happier agents. 

We make it fast and easy

We make it fast and easy to use our home inspection services in several ways.


We promise to have inspection time slots available within 48 hours. Sometime the same day if you call early in the morning.


We have online scheduling available 24/7 (there is small discount for scheduling online also)


Home inspection reports are emailed the same day as the inspection, usually in the evening.


Computer generated and internet accessible home inspection report. Legible and easily reviewed.


The report contains digital images of the property and conditions. This makes it easier to see what the issue/condition that was observed during the home inspection.


Summary page included with every report. Quick to read.


We also have a system to help you write the request to remedy saving you lots of time!

One Stop Shop

We are licensed not only for home inspections we are also licensed for doing radon testing and WDI/Termite inspections.


We also can do testing for mold, VOC, well water testing, drug testing and we can even do sewer line inspection/scoping. 


Home Inspections are available to be performed on weekdays and on the weekends. We have scheduling to fit the home buyers needs. We do not have extra charges for weekend home inspections or condo inspections.

We make those that refer us look good

There is no doubt that when a person recommends Habitation Investigation, they care about the well being of the client/home buyer. Who an agent has on their list of recommend home inspectors says a lot about the agent. The word is out, agents that really care about the clients recommend Habitation Investigation.

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