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This was in Springfield Ohio, From one of our Springfield Ohio home inspectors the other day: “I just had an agent tell a client that they don’t really need a mold test because Clark County Health Department had a class where they told all the realtors that there isn’t dangerous mold in our area. He also said they can’t do the test today because he didn’t specifically request permission from the sellers to do a mold test….

I told him that there are various molds that can cause or exacerbate health issues. I had no idea what to say to his claim that they needed special permission to do an air test… That was a new one to me.

I mean, I felt like it would have been a good idea. There was a lot of mold throughout the crawlspace. Several colors, too. And you could smell it in the main floor. If it were me, I would have wanted to test it or, more likely, just walk.

It was xxxxxxx. In his defense, he did a good job of not directly telling them that they shouldn’t do it. He sort of talked around it, while telling them that they can do it later. Just not today.

He claims that is how real estate contracts as supposed to work in Springfield. Do you think that is normal for Springfield?”

We always knew that there was a lack of good information regarding mold testing and that some agents hated the “M” word, however that was crazy talk. We never heard of them needing to get permission to do a mold test and not being allowed to do it while at the home inspection. That time period is meant to get all the inspections and testing done.

What about the claim of “Clark County Health Department had a class where they told all the realtors that there isn’t dangerous mold in our area.” I think we all know that is incorrect, it all comes down to personal sensitivity and each person’s health situation. I also know that no health department has ever asked us or any other inspector I know of to learn in general what types of molds are found when we do testing.

If you are buying a home in Springfield Ohio and your agent tells you that there is not any “dangerous” mold in the area then that agent is not well education or informed regarding mold. The molds do not need to the the dreaded “black mold” Stachybotrys chartarum to be an issue. Aspergillus is a very common mold (yes even in Springfield Ohio) and it can cause an infection, aspergillosis. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest pain and fever. It all comes down to persons level of sensitivity and length of exposure. It make perfect sense to be extra careful if someone has kids and there anyone has health issues, especially lung issues, allergies, cancer or organ transplant.

If you need mold testing and/or indoor air testing be certain to use an inspection company that has the training and the experience to get you facts, not sugar coat things to get a sale. We serve all of Central Ohio cities.

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