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Magnetic fields from appliances drop off dramatically in strength with increased distance from the source. Distance is your friend here and creating more space between yourself and the item emitting the EMF is by far the usually the easiest thing to do, assuming that you have had an EMF survey conducted and you know the “hot spots” in your home.

Other EMF reduction steps, such as correcting a household wiring problem, are worth doing anyway for safety reasons. But what about more costly actions, such as burying power lines or moving out of a home? Because scientists are still debating whether EMFs are a hazard to health, it is not clear how much should be done at this time to reduce exposures. Some EMF reduction measures may create other problems. For instance, compacting power lines to reduce EMFs can increase the danger of accidental electrocution for line workers.

Some authorities recommend taking simple precautionary steps, such as the following:  Increase the distance between yourself and the EMF source – sit at arm’s length from your computer terminal.  Avoid unnecessary proximity to high EMF sources – don’t let children play directly under power lines or on top of power transformers for underground lines.  Reduce time spent in the field – turn off your computer monitor and other electrical appliances when you aren’t using them.

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