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I have been a home inspector in the Central Ohio area for several years. Habitation Investigation was formed back in 2002. Ever since then I occasionally hear about a home inspector that spent only 45 minutes at a home. I personally can not see how that is possible or even ethical. This type of story is usually told to me by the seller of the property. 

I hear of the stories of things missed and how the report was just a few sheets of paper with no photos. Fortunately these type are getting fewer. When you are looking for a home inspector for your next home purchase be sure to ask the inspector how long does the inspection at the property take. It should take at minimum 2.0 to 3 hours to do a thorough home inspection on av average size home. If the inspector is doing other inspection types as well such as termite inspection, radon testing, etc. it will take a bit longer. Inspectors will take notes and photos during the inspection so the more issues they find the longer the inspection will tend to take. However expect a minimum of 2 hours.

Some inspectors will offer the report immediately while others will have it completed the next day. Like us many inspection companies will have the report done and delivered via email the same evening as the inspection or sooner. We still hear occasionally of inspectors not having reports delivered for 2 to 3 days after the inspection. Taking that long to deliver is not acceptable. There are time limits that need to be met when buying a home and waiting that long does not serve the clients timeframe well. Home inspection reports created with some form of software with images makes a more detailed report that is easier to read. Hand written report can be illegible and not very descriptive.

Computer reports which have pictures also take some extra time to create. Your home inspector should take 2.0 to 3 hours on site and then some time to proofread and finish the report. The report should be delivered the same day as the inspection.  Consider asking to see a sample home inspection report to help see how they do things.

With the popularity of tablets and wifi devices the time it takes between the inspection  and the time of actual home inspection report delivery has greatly come down. Something that should never go down in regards to a home inspection is the time an inspector spends at the home on site. No matter how awesome their software and devices are, it will always take time and effort to make the observations so as to know what to put into the devices. 

The Habitation Investigation home inspection company provides home inspections, mold testing, radon testing, and another environmental testing in the Central Ohio areas such as Columbus Ohio, Springfield, Hilliard, Powell, Pickerington, Pataskala, New Albany, Delaware, Gahanna, Westerville, Galloway, Grove City, Worthington, Dublin, Marysville, London, West Jefferson, Mechanicsburg. Dayton Ohio home inspection areas include Beavercreek, Enon, Centerville, Northern areas of Cincinnati. Habitation Investigation is one of the best and most reviewed Home inspection companies in Ohio. The website is https://homeinspectionsinohio.com/

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