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As central Ohio’s most highly rated home inspection company, Habitation Investigation’s commitment to serving their clients is clear. Habitation Investigation offers its clients a number of valuable warranties and additional benefits to keep them protected and provide them with some much-needed peace of mind. One of those Habitation Investigation benefits is our SewerGard protection backed up by a top-rated national home warranty company!

A lot of people don’t realize that the homeowner is responsible for the home’s sewer line all the way out until it reaches the main line of a public sewer system. Of course, you cannot see what is happening several feet underground in your yard, but the sewer line can get damaged all the same, surprising someone with a bill to fix that can reach the thousands for the repairs. Repairs can especially be costly if there was a back up into the home damaging finished areas and belongings.

Sewer lines are a big unknown when buying a house, because they’re hidden from sight; especially when the home is currently vacant, whether it has been months or years. It’s important to protect all your bases, and make sure you’ve got the coverage you need to handle any surprises.

If you make the choice to use Habitation Investigation, your cracked sewer line will be one less thing for you to worry about it! Our SewerGard warranty will take care of the damage up to $4,000 for you, allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere! Make the right choice for your family and your home; use Habitation Investigation!

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