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Crawl Space Inspection Columbus OH

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Crawl space inspections in Columbus, OH are a vital tool for Habitation Investigation, the leading property inspection business in Columbus Ohio. When you own a home, it is important to have regular crawl space inspections to protect your investment and keep your family safe from potential hazards. Read on for more information about crawl space inspections and their importance for Habitation Investigation’s clients!

How often have you been in your crawl space? Let’s face it, not many people look in their crawl space after they buy a home. This can be a problem as many different issues can occur in a crawl space. Moisture issues can create mold and foundation issues. There are also plumbing lines, electrical wires, and several other components that can be found in a crawl space.

Habitation Investigation does not make any repairs, including crawl space repair. This makes us the perfect neutral third party to inspect newly completed work, evaluate quotes, and give you a maintenance list. A house is a big investment. No one wants to find out that they need thousands of dollars in repairs because they didn’t check their crawl space.

What Exactly is a Crawl Space?

There are three basic types of foundations: basement, slab, and crawl space. The crawl space typically has low clearance with its main purpose being to keep the home off of the dirt and away from water. This space is typically not heated and should be ventilated. If not properly ventilated, the moisture levels can build up, causing potential structural and mold issues.

The crawl space is where the components of the home are hidden like water lines, ductwork, etc. In this regard, a crawl space is similar to that of a basement.

The main difference between a basement and a crawl space is that of liveability. It is not possible to live in the crawl space as it is unheated. It requires insulation and ventilation to control moisture

Why Should you Call Habitation Investigation?

Habitation Investigation is a locally owned company that has been in business since 2002. We are a neutral third party that can give you peace of mind in the work your contractor has performed or that the work even needs to be done.

What Services can Habitation Investigation Provide?

We will perform a thorough inspection of your crawlspace. We will look for water intrusion, mold, foundation issues, termites, and water damage. We can also look at sump pumps to ensure they are operating correctly. We can look at vapor barriers to make sure they were done correctly also. In addition, Habitation Investigation can look at crawl space repairs performed by other companies to ensure that the work was completed satisfactorily.

Who Should call Habitation Investigation for a Columbus Crawl Space Inspection

Anyone that is experiencing a moldy, musty smell may have some moisture issues in their crawl space. People that have suddenly become sick or are experiencing allergy-related symptoms should also call us. If you have owned your house for several years and have not been in the crawl space since then, you should also give us a call.

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