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Chimney Scope Inspection services in Ohio

When sitting by the fire, it’s nice to know that your chimney is safe and clean. If you’re a homeowner or real estate agent in Ohio, ensuring your chimney system’s safety and structural integrity is crucial. A chimney inspection is necessary for this process.  But how do we inspect our own homes? Unfortunately, shining a flashlight into your chimney will not provide much information, particularly when you’re not sure what you’re looking for, but a certified chimney sweep or home inspector can provide invaluable inspection services. The Habitation Investigation team specializes in chimney scope inspection in Ohio and has the experience, equipment, and expertise to analyze your fireplace and chimney from top to bottom. So, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your family is safe and warm this winter.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home, a chimney inspection is an essential aspect of a thorough home inspection. The homeowner shouldn’t assume that the chimney is safe to use without conducting a thorough inspection inside and out. The flue gasses, rain, and freezing moisture can cause deterioration and erosion to chimneys. In addition, if the chimney liner is damaged, this can hinder the chimney’s ability to exhaust all the gases of combustion and condensation into the structure of your home and possibly cause a fire.

In Ohio, homeowners are advised to opt for Level 2 chimney inspections, which are more comprehensive than Level 1 inspections. These inspections involve a visual examination of all readily accessible areas of the chimney, including the interior and exterior portions of the chimney and venting system.

A certified chimney sweep will inspect the structural integrity of the chimney system and the chimney fireplace and gas fireplace to identify potential hazards, such as carbon monoxide leaks. In addition, we have an excellent chimney inspection camera we use so that homeowners will know the condition of their fireplace or chimney. The camera will  provide crucial information regarding the chimney’s condition inside from above the flue to the top of the chimney. This will help you know if your woodburning fireplace has any dangerous conditions that need repaired prior to use.

Chimney safety is no laughing matter. In the past, examining the inside of every chimney required using a poor flashlight and mirror. Sometimes a costly dismantling of a portion of the chimney is done to identify troublesome regions. With new technology came new cameras that have made it simple to assess the inside of your chimney without damaging it at all. If there are any problems with your chimney,  the experts at Habitation Investigation can show you where the troubles are so they can be fixed quickly and easily.

Hire our experts to evaluate your chimney for safety. With our chimney scope, you’ll have all the information you need to help protect you and your family.

All-inclusive Chimney Scope

With years of experience, our experts will complete an inspection of your chimney. Only by adding on the chimney scope will information regarding the interior flue and pipe connections be known.  

Chimney and fireplace inspections are essential for the safety of your home. Habitation Investigation provides Chimney Scope Inspections in Ohio for homeowners to ensure that their chimneys and fireplace are clean and safe. In addition, our skilled professionals help identify potential problems with your chimney so that you can obtain the necessary repairs. For chimney inspections in Ohio, reach out to us to schedule your Chimney Scope Inspection today!

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