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Habitation Investigation has an impeccable reputation in the Columbus Ohio area, through growth and requests we’ve expanded into Dayton Ohio and areas within an hour of Columbus and Dayton.

When searching for a home inspector near me be certain to thoroughly check the reviews that the company has received. Look for themes in the reviews. Words such as quality, friendly and professional tell you a lot about the quality of the home inspections. Home inspection reviews are very important.

The best home inspectors near you should have a consistent process for conducting the home inspections that the inspectors follow. This creates a consistency in the result and thoroughness of the home inspections and in the home inspection reports.

It is also very nice to find a company that is licensed to do other important inspections as well such as radon testing, termite inspection and scoping the sewer line. Ask if the company outsources these extra services or do they do those themselves.

Do your own research on home inspection companies. If your real estate agent gives you a list of recommended inspectors that is fine, however still research them. Not all real estate agents will recommend the same home inspection company that they themselves will actually use for themselves or their families.

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