Habitation Investigation


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I inspected a home and set a radon monitor up to test for radon on a Wednesday, I return on Friday morning and I hear water flowing in the basement. I quickly go down to see what is going on and I spot the backflow valve leaking. The water was being caught by a catch pan and then directed by pipe to a floor drain. The entire set up had me wondering, how often does this valve leak for the sellers to create a system for catching and then directing the water from this valve? Yes it was reported to both agents and put into the report

Here is a link to the short video I took so as to accurately show the concern

Yes, when inspecting things can change quickly. I also ended up needing to redo the radon test because “one of the agents” opened a window the day before and forgot to close it. She was nice enough to call and tell us that she had done as I was on my way there.  Definitely not closed home conditions.

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