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Testing for VOC

The common time to test for VOCs is following a renovation project because the VOCs found in many building materials, furnishings, paints, and varnishes can result in higher levels of these chemicals. While some VOCs do have a clearly identifiable odor, you cannot rely on your sense of smell alone to determine the concentration of

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Myth of the home inspection report being public

Sometimes after a home inspection has been completed we will get a phone call from a new buyer of the place (the first buyer did not buy the home) wanting information about the home. They sometimes will have a copy of the first buyers home inspection report. Some of these buyers think home inspection companies

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Myths Regarding Radon Gas and Testing

Radon gas is naturally occurring, it is odorless and colorless. It is also known to cause lung cancer by the EPA. Because of this inability to see it with a naked eye there are still some people who do not believe that it exists. There is plenty of science and research behind this. If someone

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