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The Myth of Bleach for Killing Mold

As a home inspection company in Ohio, we come across mold often. Some people will state that it can not be claimed to be mold unless it is tested, however when it is fuzzy, looks like and smells like mold, it is very very likely mold. We can test it if desired and to verify

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Is a Home Warranty a Replacement for a Home Inspection?

Life is expensive, especially when you’re looking into buying a home. Sometimes, as a cost saving measure, potential homebuyers consider purchasing a home warranty rather than a full home inspection. Is a home warranty really going to protect you? Is it even worth it?   A home warranty is what it sounds like; it’s insurance

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How Long Should a Home Inspection Take?

One question we often get in regards to our potentially doing a home inspection for a home buyer is this, “How long does it take to inspect the house?”. It varies on the size of the home of course but there is a common range of time needed. I have been a home inspector in

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