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Why “New” Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Many people carry the belief that because a home is new, it must be flawless. Unfortunately, no new product is free from the possibly of a defect. How often are new cars recalled? Why do skydivers always carry second parachutes, even when using a brand-new parachute as their primary?   Of course, those who work

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How to Limit EMF Exposure

Magnetic fields from appliances drop off dramatically in strength with increased distance from the source. Distance is your friend here and creating more space between yourself and the item emitting the EMF is by far the usually the easiest thing to do, assuming that you have had an EMF survey conducted and you know the

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What have the studies of cancer in people living near power lines (EMF) found?

EFFECTS OF 60-Hz EMFs REPORTED IN SOME LABORATORY STUDIES  Changes in functions of cells and tissues  Decrease in the hormone melatonin  Alterations of immune system  Accelerated tumor growth  Changes in biorhythms  Changes in human brain activity and heart rate   Cancer Of children ages 14 and under, in the

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