Are You Breathing In Harmful Mold?

Are You Breathing In Harmful Mold?

Learn about our mold testing services in the Columbus, OH area

Mold thrives in dark, damp environments. Because of this, mold and moisture damage tend to go hand-in-hand. Habitation Investigation LLC has extensive experience checking for mold and moisture issues in houses. We can make sure there’s no water-damaged siding on your house and no harmful mold circulating through your vents.

Schedule an appointment today to take advantage of our mold testing services. We can come to your home in the Dayton, Springfield, and Columbus, OH area at your convenience.

5 places mold likes to grow

Mold is often hard to spot, especially in large homes. If you think your house might have mold, here are five spots you should investigate:

1. Bathroom
2. Kitchen
3. Garage
4. Windows and window sills
5. Basement

Found mold in your home? Get a professional to inspect the rest of your house thoroughly. Call 614-413-0075 now to learn more about our mold testing process. We’ll make sure you house in the Columbus, OH Marysville, Dayton and or Springfield Ohio areas is safe from mold.

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mold mould in new build home Columbus Ohio


Mold in new construction

Mold found in a new home construction

New home Columbus Ohio with mold
Springfield Ohio mold testing home inspector
Mold growth in Central Columbus Ohio home inspection find


Mold found during home inspection in Bexley


Mold found during home inspection in Bexley Columbus Ohio