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What Are Humidifiers?

There are several different types of humidifiers, but all humidifiers exude water vapor into the air to increase the level of humidity in the area. They are commonly used during the cold and dry winter months or during flu season to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms from either illness, or allergies brought on by the dry

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The Costs of Hiring Individual Contractors vs Hiring a Single Home Inspector

As one of the largest home inspection companies in Central Ohio we get to hear lots of odd things. Some of of the things we hear are odd, some are unethical things that other do, and then some make no sense and seem to be intended to prevent full knowledge of the home being disclosed.

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Indicators That You May Have a Bad Home Inspector

Most home inspectors are good guys. They mean well and want to protect the home buying clients. However like all people that is a small percentage that may not be as good nor as honest as you want them to be. Below are some tips to help you select a home inspectors. This is first

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Top Indicators You May Have a Bad Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents we deal with are good honest people who want the best for their clients. However, like in all types of work there is that small percentage that are only interested in themselves and they do not care if others are harmed. Average is not memorable so most average people are forgotten,

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Mold Behind Walls and Other Ridiculous Claims

As a home inspection company we sell all sorts of things during home inspections. We also come across and read a variety of social media posts and message boards with various issues and complaints. One situation that I have read twice online in only 2 days is where a new home owner is taking down

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The Myth of Bleach for Killing Mold

As a home inspection company in Ohio, we come across mold often. Some people will state that it can not be claimed to be mold unless it is tested, however when it is fuzzy, looks like and smells like mold, it is very very likely mold. We can test it if desired and to verify

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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air inside your home can  be 5 times as polluted as the air outdoors. As homes became tighter and more energy efficient this allowed for the accumulation of air pollutants such as allergens, dust mites, volatile organic compounds and other irritants. There are a few main strategies to improve IAQ First way is to

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Knob and Tube Wiring Explained

Knob and tube wiring is commonly found in older homes when we do home inspections in Columbus, Dayton and Springfield Ohio areas, typically those homes built before 1950. It is considered not as safe as newer, modern wiring, however it can still be quite functional. What is knob and tube wiring?  The wire is named

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Thought for the week- Best preparation for tomorrow is doing great today

Thought of the week from Best Columbus Ohio Home Inspection Company What habits are you creating for yourself and what are you teaching others?