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Challenges of Cold Weather Home Inspections

Despite the temperatures and time of the year people do still need to buy homes and move during the winter. Winter presents specific challenges for home buyers and for home inspectors as well. Roofs are always a concern for home buyers. Roofs can be costly to replace or even to repair. The challenge is that

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Should You Buy a House During Winter?

  Generally speaking, it’s common knowledge that the prime season for home sales is spring to summer. It’s also common knowledge that the winter is the slowest season, especially here in Columbus Ohio; how many people want to trudge through snow looking for a new home, or haul all their belongings to a new home

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What Causes Ice Dams?

Hopefully, you remembered to clean all the leaves from your gutters during autumn. With the arrival of winter, you’ve got another problem to watch your roof for, ice dams Ice dams are thick ridges of solid ice that build up on your roof’s eaves. It’s important to know how to identify ice dams, and  to

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