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Why “New” Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Many people carry the belief that because a home is new, it must be flawless. Unfortunately, no new product is free from the possibly of a defect. How often are new cars recalled? Why do skydivers always carry second parachutes, even when using a brand-new parachute as their primary?   Of course, those who work

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London Ohio Real Estate Agent Did Not Want The Best For Home Buyers

I will admit, it is possible that I am slightly biased towards my own company. However when I have evidence to prove some things well then we believe it to be true. Like all industries there are a few unethical people. The unethical ones are very dangerous when it comes to real estate, due to

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How Long Should a Home Inspection Take?

One question we often get in regards to our potentially doing a home inspection for a home buyer is this, “How long does it take to inspect the house?”. It varies on the size of the home of course but there is a common range of time needed. I have been a home inspector in

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