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The Myth of Bleach for Killing Mold

As a home inspection company in Ohio, we come across mold often. Some people will state that it can not be claimed to be mold unless it is tested, however when it is fuzzy, looks like and smells like mold, it is very very likely mold. We can test it if desired and to verify

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Lake Homes Have Special Home Inspection Concerns

When doing a home inspection of a home that is on or near a lake such as Indian Lake in Russells Point, Belle Center, Lakeview, or London Ohio or any other body of water there are certain aspects that need to be taken in to account by the home inspector. A lake area like around

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Ceiling cracks and winter

Ahhh winter, the season that my wife hates. Along with the higher heating bills comes along dry skin, chapped lips and cracks in walls and ceilings. The colder air of winter is not able to hold as much moisture as warmer air has the potential to do. As the dryer winter air normally infiltrates the

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