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The Myth of Bleach for Killing Mold

As a home inspection company in Ohio, we come across mold often. Some people will state that it can not be claimed to be mold unless it is tested, however when it is fuzzy, looks like and smells like mold, it is very very likely mold. We can test it if desired and to verify

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About Asbestos

New home buyers often have a lot of questions, and understandably so; you should have questions! One common question among new homebuyers is regarding the air quality inside the home, as no one wants to breathe in air that could make them sick. Unfortunately, a significant number of indoor air quality issues are difficult to

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Home Maintenance Checklist

It is a fact that all homes need regular maintenance. Use this list as start to help you keep the value in your home where it should be. Use the empty lines to add things specific to your home. Monthly Change furnace and air conditioner filters unless you have the very thick filter of that

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