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The Safe Usage of Generators

While generators are typically beyond the scope of the average home inspection, it is still important for everyone to be aware of how to be safe while using them. We Ohio home inspectors do see them with more frequency than several years ago. Generator misuse can cause carbon monoxide deaths, injuries from close calls, and

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Gas Fireplace Damper Clamp

Gas fireplaces (unless ventless type) need to vent the exhaust gases to the exterior of the home to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. To help ensure that the gases all go to the exterior of the home gas fireplaces either do not have a damper for the flue or they have a damper clamp installed

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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

It’s already that time of year again, and I’m not just talking about dealing with the tremendous earworm that is every single Christmas song ever. No, I’m talking about Christmas trees! Here is some very useful safety information from one of the Best Certified Columbus Ohio home inspection companies.   For those of you who

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