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Top Indicators You May Have a Bad Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents we deal with are good honest people who want the best for their clients. However, like in all types of work there is that small percentage that are only interested in themselves and they do not care if others are harmed. Average is not memorable so most average people are forgotten,

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Are they protecting home buyers or the deal?

Real estate agents are in a weird spot. They do not get paid unless the property get sold. It does not matter how many hours of time they spent showing houses or taking phones calls and answering emails at nearly all hours of the day. Until the home gets sold the agent does not receive

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The Desperation of Some Real Estate Agents

Every person involved in business will have some difficult times. When your business involves protecting others from making mistakes it is a terrible thing when professionalism and ethics goes astray in order to get a sale despite what may not be in the best interest of the client. We do home inspections all throughout Central

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